Australia: November 19-23, 2012. Crossing Australia

Australia:  November 19-23, 2012   Perth to Sydney

Outside the the Indian Pacific windows the far horizon offers Australia’s arid land of no mountains and a few bushes, scattered sheep and emus.

Our stop in the ghost town of Cook gave us time to stretch outside before the dry, 101 degrees sent us back inside the train.  We began to have longer stops but no place to go.  It was revealed that we were having mechanical trouble and eventually  lost a locomotive.  Our tour of Broken Hill was cancelled but we were allowed 30 minutes to stroll through a bit of the town.

A morning tour of Adelaide offered a cooler climate and tour of this flower filled city.

By the 21st we realized the arrival into Sydney would be three hours late but we celebrated in the fact that we would then travel through the Blue Mountains in daylight.  Well worth the delay.  As we climbed, the beautiful pines and eucalyptus came into view along with small towns with 19th century  architecture of brick-a-brack porches and cast iron fences.

Back in Sydney, the Queen Victoria Building is decorated for the Holidays and shopping is supreme.  Our finale with the Indian Pacific friends gave a memorable Wow factor:  Dinner at the O Bar & Dining.  A revolving restaurant atop the 47th floor overlooking Sydney, the harbor, Sydney Opera House, and the Bridge.  We toasted our last night with Australia’s fine red.  The Sydney panorama  revolving each hour seemed fitting for the close of our Great DreamTime Total Eclipse Tour.

Until the next one,

Melita after 23 days in Australia




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