Australia: Sunday, November 18, 2012 The Indian Pacific

Sunday, November 18, 2012                     Three nights on The Indian Pacific

Perth:  gorgeous city with  great weather where The Cricket is king.  Small carry-on packed for our three-night journey on the legendary Indian Pacific.  Larger piece will be stored in a separate car and we will not see it until arriving in Sydney on the 21st.

Our coach arrived with the usual Australian friendly, No Worries driver and transferred the nine of us to the Perth train station.  The super long Indian Pacific was waiting for us.  Easy check-in, no worries with the weight.  The group boarded car L while I am with the singles In I.  Tom,, traveling for seven months, is across the aisle, Deanna from Sydney, is two doors down.  We enjoyed each others vagabond stories.  Surprise to find my wonderful attendant, Yasmin, from the Ghan here on the IP.

Lovely views as we climb into the hills with Avon River gurugling along our left side.  We’re on the Early Dining, so lunch was right after boarding.  Later in the afgternoon a welcome champagne reception was held in the Lounge Car.

Lots of conversation as you meet everyone, mostly Australian, though I dined with a couple from Dresden and later lunched with a couple from Scotland.  Went right to bed and slept throught the Whistle Stop at Kalgoorlie at 10:30pm

With the blinds open to there are clear sky outside saying,  ‘sleep tight’, ‘no worries’.

Melita from the Indian Pacific


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